Managing your home inspection business is time consuming and details matter – we know, we’ve been there!

One of the things that we knew from the beginning when we began developing the IC Home Inspection (ICHI) Software® was that we needed make things easier for you to manage your business.

Over the past 12 years as we’ve developed this software, we’ve added a lot of tools to help turn the ICHI Software® into a critical part of any successful home inspection business.

Here’s how the ICHI Software® will help you make your operations better and faster:

– Complete mobility – your team will be able to update and complete their reports on the road. No time wasted coming back to the office to capture field notes. They can do it right on their Android or Apple device.

– Photo documentation with annotation – using the embedded camera in their mobile device, your team will be able to document their inspection photographically and put the images right in the report. No more time wasted uploading files. They’ll also be able to add their comments to the images.

– Manage your team’s schedule with ease – our software includes a schedule manager so that you know which inspector is scheduled for which job each day.

– Simplified customer scheduling – with a link to our software on your website, you can make online scheduling available to all of your clients. No more time spent on the phone coordinating schedules. They’ll have access to your schedule for each day and once they sign up, they’ll automatically be booked into your system.

– Sales, payroll, and activity reporting – with ICHI Software® you can bring these reporting tools under one roof for your business. You’ll be able to see the kind of business you’re doing, how much time your team is spending in the field, and the kind of work being done.

– Automated communication – never forget to confirm an inspection or send out a report. Our automated communication system will send an email to the client 24 hours prior to the inspection. Once the report is done, all you have to do is submit and the finalized report is sent out. Client needs to cancel? Not a problem! They’ll get a reschedule reminder.

– Customizable inspection reports and templates – don’t reinvent the wheel. Our system is designed to allow you to create the kinds of reports that you use over and over again. You can also save pre-written comments for common issues that your team may find. This way you’ll save time and provide a high quality experience every time.

– No internet available? No problem. We offer a non-internet version of our program (can only be used in conjunction with a regular subscription).

And so much more!

Simplify the management of your home inspection business. Sign up today for ICHI Software® and take your business to the next level!