What’s your time worth? A lot, to be sure.

Any time spent not making you money can feel like a drain on the business.

The reality is that your business requires a lot more of you than going out into the field to perform home inspections. You’ve got appointments to schedule, reports to write, pictures to upload, emails to send, and client follow-up to do.

Imagine that you had a system that could simplify all of these things, allowing you to spend more time on the things that make you money – closing business and doing inspections.

At ICHI we have 25 years in the field and we know that time and money are two things home inspectors don’t have to waste.

We’ve felt your pain and came up with a solution – ICHI Software.

ICHI Software is built from the ground up on the core concept that your time is precious and that any time spent not making you money is wasting your money. We knew that some things were absolutely required for our software to be the kind of valuable tool that every home inspector needs.

  • Be easy to use – who has time to learn complicated systems that require a tech department to support them? We demanded that it be simple to use with minimal instruction.
  • Work with you in the field – who wants to run back to the office to input data? We required that it be compatible with mobile devices and mobile printers.
  • Comprehensive – who needs multiple reports? We knew it had to be customizable so that it can contain exactly the right amount of information for each inspection client’s needs.

We’re excited to say that there’s no need for you to waste time (or money) doing those necessary but time consuming tasks necessary to run your business. With our state of the art business automation tools, you’ll have a tool kit that will be just as critical to your business as your inspection kit.

Let’s get started saving (and making) you money. Contact us today to learn more about ICHI Software.