DashboardThe ICHI Software® program is everything you need to run your home inspection business. The Patent Pending, photo documented, Web Based Inspection Report Writing and Scheduling System is the next level in home inspection software.

There is nothing like it. Get the competitive advantage you need without the upfront costs, on-going fees and restrictions. There are no programs to buy or update. ICHI Software® is flexible, allowing you to make it work for your business no matter where you are. Easily adaptable to Association requirements and State regulations. With ICHI Software® you can start using our service right away and stop using it anytime you want, there are NO contracts*.

Here are just a few of the benefits to being an ICHI Software® Subscriber:


  • Customize your schedule to fit your business needs.
  • You can schedule your appointments from anywhere, anytime; your schedule is always with you!
  • Set up your website so your Clients can schedule online 24/7!
  • Easy, Fast, Flexible!
  • Fully automated E-Mail Alert system to make your business more productive and make you look more professional! Saves you, your Agent and your Client time and MONEY!


Report Writing

  • Management ReportsWrite your reports in real time, from our secure environment, while you are on the job in the field, from any device you choose.
  • You never have to worry about program crashes or loosing critical information. Your report is Saved as you go!
  • Our Report format is easy to use with our unique grading system and preprogrammed report text, which is completely customizable!
  • Easily move in and out of the report as necessary.
  • Completely Customizable, add sections and lines to fit your business needs.
  • Create Custom Templates to save you time. You can pre-load in text and disclaimers that you use over and over. It will always be where you need it when you need it so you won’t have to worry about typing it over and over.
  • The pre-loaded text for report writing helps improve quality of reports, and makes your reports more accurate and consistent; less mistakes and speeds up your report writing time. Add or remove text as necessary to fit your business model.
  • No internet connection? No problem! We offer a stand alone version of our software called the Client. It allows you to do your report anywhere. You must be an active subscriber to use the Client.

Home Inspection Report

  • Produce a Professional, finished report with photographs, and send to your clients when and how you decide. No longer any need to print in the field or wait to review / re-type before your report is complete. Unless that’s what you want to do!
  • By far the easiest Home Inspection Report on the market to read and understand. Your Agents and Clients will love your reports and often refer you just because of it!

Management Tools

  • Run Sales Reports, Productivity Reports, Payroll Reports, Comparative Sales Reports and so much more! All critical tools for helping you run and manage your home inspection business. You’ll find that some of the management reports you will use every day and wonder how you ever did without them!


  • Beside the tools you use everyday to perform your inspections all you need is a device that you are comfortable with and a subscription to ICHI Software! The easiest business decision you will ever make. Most of our Subscribers use an Apple or Android device. Pick the one that best fits your needs and budget.


  • On-Line Support, 24/7, constantly updated.
  • Updates are FREE!

Multi Inspector Firms

  • As a Multi Inspector firm you will be amazed at how much easier your life will become. Just imagine being able to watch your inspectors in real time as they inspect! And as a Multi Inspector firm you have so many tools that you will love and use everyday. Running Payroll or a Sales Report is now a couple of ‘Clicks’ away. The best part? You can manage your business from ANYWHERE! Even from your favorite beach in Hawaii!

Whether you are just starting your Home Inspection business or are a seasoned expert, whether you are a one-inspector operation or a multi-inspector firm, you need this program. Get the competitive advantage; keep the competitive advantage.

Become an ICHI Software® Subscriber TODAY! No Software to buy and upgrades are FREE!

From start to finish, you only need ICHI Software®. Every aspect of your business is in one place, you just need to do the inspection!