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Could you imagine delivering a completed fully photo-documented inspection report to your clients the minute you are done with the inspection? That’s exactly what you can deliver with IC Home Inspection Software. You will deliver a beautiful, easy-to-read inspection report. Your report is a direct reflection on your business — that’s why you need the best.


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What Do You Get From This Software?

Agent & Buyer Database Management

All the information you need about your agents and clients is at your fingertips, making your marketing efforts effortless!

Work Offline

Work from anywhere! Sometimes you just can’t get online but you still need to be able to work. With IC Home Inspection Software, you can work offline too!

Online Scheduling

Adding online scheduling offers top convenience for your customers, plus it means that your business is still running while you take your night off.

Free To Sign Up, No Set Up Fees, & Updates Are Always Free!

ICHI Software is committed to giving you the best suite of tools possible, providing premium value at highly affordable prices. Free to sign up, set up fees are free, and all updates are free!

Photo Documentation

Photographs play an integral role in your inspection reports and your home inspection business. Our software makes integrating photographs into your reports easy. Agents and buyers will love your reports!

Sales, Management & Payroll Reports

Robust sales, agent, client, business and payroll reports. Learn where your business is coming from. Know more about your business to help you grow!



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The ICHI Software® program is everything you need to run your home inspection business. The patent pending, photo documented, web based inspection report writing and scheduling system is the next level in home inspection software.


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How To Better Your Home Inspection Business With Our Software

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device!

Use your mobile device to type your notes, take pictures and even send off your inspection report. All in the palm of your hand. Don’t have an internet connection? No need to worry with our new non-internet version of the software, you always have what you need to get the job done!

Service Your Customers Will Love

From scheduling their appointment with you online to receiving email reminders of their appointments, our software helps you deliver world class service your customers will love!

Good For Your Business

Your business will increase because you use IC Home Inspection Software. When your buyers and agents receive your inspection report they will be so excited they will tell everyone they know.

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About Us

We’re In The Same Business As You

We have been in the home inspection business for over 25 years, we needed software that does it all, that works for us. The only way to make that happen was to develop our own.

IC Home Inspection Software wasn’t designed to just give you the best inspection writing platform — it has been designed to help you run and manage your inspection business. You can create custom inspection templates, customize your text (comments), add photos, edit your schedule, pricing, and confirmation emails. You can create business management reports so you can find out by the click of a button who your best agents are and who your top real estate offices are.

Give IC Home Inspection Software a try today and see your home inspection reports improved!


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