Home inspection becomes mandatory at some point in time. The inspector arrives with the home inspection tools in his bag and inspects your home.

While you can see him use all of them, you may not be aware of their use. It is a great idea to have some knowledge about these tools for you to understand what’s going on. Given below are some of the important tools that you can generally see with home inspectors.

Gas leak detectors

Gas leak can be very dangerous and a large intensity can harm us. While many homes come equipped with gas leak detectors, the ones with the inspectors are of a higher quality. They are capable of detecting the slightest gas leakage from every appliance including water heaters and ovens that contain the gas.

CO detectors

These are handheld devices designed to detect any and every level of CO leakage. Systems such as central heating systems and many home appliances use Carbon Monoxide for operations. The chances of leakage are very high which makes its leakage detection very important.

Outlet testers

The electrical wirings in the power outlets may develop faults, supplying low or high power. This can damage the electrical appliances inserted in them. The outlet testers are inserted in the power outlets to identify faults related to the electrical connections.

Non-contact voltage testers

These testers are brought in contact with electrical wires and cables to find out if there is electricity flowing in them. It is very useful in testing the wires which have been left unused for a long time.

Moisture meters

Moisture can cause a lot of damage to the walls causing leakage and other malfunction. Moisture meters use electromagnetic signals to detect moisture in the wall. The moisture content can also cause damage to the attached systems such as the plumbing systems.


Ladders have multipurpose use and can be seen in every home inspector’s kit. Today, many inspectors use telestep ladders which are collapsible and easy to carry. They can be extended whenever required to reach every corner of the house for inspection.

Thermometers and IR cameras

The home inspectors carry many types of thermometers including infrared thermometers and digital thermometers. The former is used to measure the temperature of systems such as HVAC and the latter is for general-purpose use such as checking the temperature of the water supply. IR cameras are used to identify faults in insulations invisible to the naked eye.

Other hand tools

There are many other hand tools that are going to be in the home inspector’s kitty including flashlights, screwdrivers, and pressure gauges.

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